Miracle-Gro MG30604 Water Resistant Grip Gloves – Double Dip Flat Latex Gloves with Elastic Knit Wrist


  • 50% Polyester/50% Latex
  • Imported
  • Elastic closure
  • Latex Palm Gloves: the pair of gloves is suitable for various gardening activities like watering; weeding or feeding the plants/trees The water-resistant gloves provide durable and slip-proof grip along with protecting the hands from mud; water and grime
  • Design: to offer maximum comfort and a flexible fitting; the palm-coated gloves have an elastic knit wrist that also helps to prevent dust and debris entering the gloves
  • Material: the garden care gloves are available in Aqua/Black color The double-dipped palm gloves feature 3/4 flat latex aqua dip with black sandy latex on fingertips and palms
  • Garden Work Gloves: these gardening gloves are a perfect combination of performance and style The gloves can be worn for common activities associated with gardening or lawn work
  • Size: the palm gloves are available in a Small/Medium size

It was 1868 when Civil War veteran Orlando McLean Scott opened a hardware store in his hometown, Marysville, Ohio. He soon started selling weed-free seed to local farmers, and after refining his breeding abilities, he expanded to selling seed to homeowners after the turn of the century. It was the first time anyone developed and sold seeds for consumer markets. His dedication to quality and innovation took root, and more than 150 years later, our company has blossomed into North America’s leader in lawn, garden and hydroponics. We still operate a storefront in Marysville today. It represents our roots, literally and metaphorically, and just being there reminds us of who we are. Our heritage is unique, and it motivates us to always do what’s best––for today’s gardeners and the ones who come tomorrow.


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