About Us

Who are we?

MDSR Retailers is a new American brand focused on enhancing your experience in the bathroom. At
MDSR Retailers offer scientifically identified equipment to aid in structure and order for your
favorite room, the bathroom. By providing high-quality yet affordable bathroom accessories with
a minimalistic and functional design, we aim to help you transform your bathroom into a
comfortable and enjoyable experience. Developed and engineered to maximize your bathing
experience, MDSR Retailers is founded by a team of engineers specifically focussing on bringing you
the best bathroom experience.

What matters to us?

The core fundamental function of a bathroom is to provide a hygienic environment for the users.
Building on this core fundamental, MDSR Retailers aims to maximize your bathing experience by also
considering the aspects which highlight the importance of the bathroom; it is a space in which
the users should feel relaxed so that they can take proper care of themselves in privacy. This
momentary space of solitude helps to unwind from the stresses of the day. Other than relieving
stresses, it is also the source that breeds inspiration! The best ideas are thought of in the shower!
Your bathroom, just like your bedroom is a space in which we begin and end our day. Had a
nice relaxing shower after getting out of bed? Be prepared to have a nice productive day! Had a
stressful day? This safe and relaxed environment will take those stresses away!

What do we do?

A bathroom that breeds a safe and relaxed environment is one that is properly organized.
Therefore, MDSR Retailers will provide you with the needed accessories that will organize your
bathroom and set a safe and relaxed tone.

How do we do it?

By providing our bathroom accessories with a functional, minimalistic, and safe design, we aim
to set a safe and relaxed tone for your bathroom.


MDSR Retailers aims to provide you with high-quality and affordable bathroom accessories which help
give your bathroom a safe and relaxed tone. Using the expertise of the founders to make
premium products for an affordable price.


We envision becoming a stable brand, creating a more comfortable and saver bathroom
experience for years to come. By utilizing our engineering expertise while keeping track of the
technological and social developments in the world, we will ensure that the quality of our
products stays preserved. Not only do we aim to take a holistic and safe approach to deliver you
the best products, but we also consider what’s best for the environment.

“Minimalism is good for you and the

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